Murphy: ‘Everything is on the table’

Governor Murphy was interviewed by CNBC’s Closing Bell Tuesday and was asked if he would consider actions such as those discussed in New York, a “shelter in place” option which would require people to stay at home.  He was further asked how such could be enforced.

“On the one hand, I will say everything is on the table,” Murphy replied.  “We’re trying like heck to get out ahead of this. That’s certainly an option if we don’t think we’re succeeding in flattening the curve.  We think what we’ve done gives us a very good shot of doing that but we reserve the right to reconsider all our steps.  I called up the National Guard yesterday which gives us another pool of folks who are qualified to help us with everything from food distribution to testing to policing and enforcing.  So we will continue monitoring this literally day to day and we will do what it takes to crack the back of this.”

Gottheimer Gets NJEA Backing


Seeking re-election in CD5, Rep. Gottheimer is being endorsed by the NJEA, with an announcement this morning at an event in Glen Rock.

Sweeney to Announce Major Policy Initiative

Senate President Steve Sweeney will hold a news conference today to announce a major policy initiative. The news conference will be held at 11:00 a.m., Monday, March 9th in Room 103 of the State House, Trenton, N.J.

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