In Teaneck, Hameeduddin-backed Slate Victorious

In Teaneck, Councilman Mark Schwartz and his Moving Teaneck Forward running mates, Michael Pagan and Karen Lew Orgen, have prevailed over the rivals in a control election.  READ MORE HERE.

Atlantic City Voters Vote Down Change of Government Question

AC voters rejected the change of gov’t referendum


After BOE Ballot Impound, Mendez and McKoy Clash over the Term ‘Voter Suppression’

“The councilman needs to get a dictionary and look up voter suppression,” said Ward 3 Councilman Bill McKoy. “There will be no illegal votes cast and no illegally harvesting. Let’s get the terminology straight and let’s find out what happened.”


U.S. Senate Candidate Hamm Holds Protest Rally to Draw Attention to Racialized Violence: #AhmaudArbery

NEWARK, N.J— Tomorrow, Wednesday, May 13, 2020, 1 pm at the Lincoln Monument in Newark, New Jersey at the intersection of Springfield Avenue and West Market Street, the People’s Organization for Progress started by Lawrence Hamm – progressive candidate for U.S. Senate – will take to the streets, in their tradition, to stand against the lynching of Black men like Ahmaud Arbery on the streets of the U.S.A. It will also raise an alarm on the disparaging monitoring and arrests of Black and Brown bodies under the current COVID-19 social distancing restrictions. Hamm contends that these incidences undergird the historical legacy of racialized terror in the U.S.A.

In March 1857, Justice Taney said, “…and so far, inferior, that they had no rights which a white man was bound to respect…”. Hamm contends that this mythology of the inferiority of Black citizens in particular, and other non-white populations, is a persistent philosophical construct in today’s civil society. The recent hunt and slaughter of Ahmaud Arbery illustrate the persistent racialized violence non-white people in America live.

“We will never stop marching or speaking for those killed by racialized terror. We will not be quiet. We will not be silent. We will continue to wage resistance against this systemic racism and its tool of violence. Here on the streets of Newark, in the halls of justice, and the floors of legislatures, we will stand up and speak out, ” stated Hamm.

Residential Atlantic City: In the shadow of the casinos.

Source: The ‘Slow Drip’ in to County

In Atlantic City, where voters are considering a referendum question, a source described a slow drip of people going in to the county building in AC to get replacement ballots and take them to the AC post office, as well as people going to the county building in Mays Landing.

“No big spikes or movements of people from either side,” the source added.

Any predictions?

This was an Atlantic City insider.

62/38%, the ‘no’ prevails, the source said.


Essex Voter Turnout Exceeds Past Like-Election Years in All But One Town

With one exception, turnout in Essex is up in this strange, COVID-19 vote-by-mail election year, according to Essex County Clerk Chris Durkin.

Montclair, Belleville and Nutley are all way up as voters consider their local nonpartisan candidates.

Irvington (municipal elections and school baord elections) and Newark (school board) have already exceeded past like-elections.

Orange – 3,074 votes as of today – is the only one with a scheduled VBM election deadline today that lags behind like-elections from four years ago.


The Sprawling Scope of the Montclair Mayor’s Race, as Time Ticks Down

Sean Spiller is running for mayor today against fellow council member Dr. Renee Baskerville. At least officially.


Belleville Ward One Far Outperforming 2016

Some districts are more robust than others, but the common thereme in Belleville is high voter turnout this year in an all-vote-by-mail election year, compared to 2016.

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