Steinhardt Hopes Sweeney and Coughlin ‘Act Swiftly’ to Abate Murphy Woes

“Governor Murphy won’t let you work, but he won’t give you support either, from an unemployment benefit system you’ve been overpaying into since the moment you set foot in New Jersey,” said Chairman Steinhardt. “The Governor’s mix of callousness and incompetence is unnerving. The NJGOP asks the legislature step in, investigate, and find a quick solution to put money in the hands of hungry families. We hope that Senate President Sweeney and Speaker Coughlin will act swiftly to support New Jersey where Governor Murphy and his Administration are failing.”

Quietly Fighting through All the Fighting in Paterson’s 2nd Ward

The 2nd Ward street clash between the forces of former Councilman Mohammed Akhtaruzzaman and Councilman Shahin Khalique have at least one person praying for a late squiggle through and surprise victory.

That’s Frank Filippelli, who’s also running for a 2nd Ward seat.

Born, raised, and still living on Sherwood Avenue, Filippelli says he has ideas to “create revenue that will help stabilize taxes.” On top of it all, his family notes, “he is a good father and grandfather.” Still, he is a decided long-shot at best in the highly competitive 2nd Ward of Paterson.

Rutgers-Eagleton Poll: Two-Thirds of New Jerseyans Feel State Moving at Right Pace to Reopen

Sixty-six percent of New Jerseyans feel the state is moving to lift restrictions and reopen businesses at just the right pace, according to this morning’s Rutgers-Eagleton Poll. Another 19% feel it is happening too quickly, while 16% say too slowly.


Irvington VBM Numbers on Pace with Usual May 12th Eletions, Says Vauss

Leader of Team Irvington Strong, Mayor Tony Vauss this morning told InsiderNJ the numbers to date in his town’s all-vote-by-mail (VBM) election are “pretty much on pace for other municipal elections.”

There is a rescheduled school board election today in Irvington, in addition to the usual May 12th nonpartisan contest.

“Voter participation is steady,” said Vauss. “I am very confident we got the message out there. But there are so many different factors this time.”


The scene tonight in Teaneck.

Teaneck’s Bumping VBM Numbers Nearing 9K

Teaneck’s numbers were bumping this week as the town heads to the end, at the close of business day today, of an historic all-vote-by-mail (VBM) May 12th election.

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