Insider NJ Key Must-Read Pieces: Week of Murphy’s Budget Address, Chamber Train, Dem Prez Mayhem

From the Statehouse to Linden, from Trenton to the Chamber trip to DC,  here are the Insider NJ key must-read pieces from the past week:

InsiderNJ’s Who’s Up and Who’s Down: Week of the Chamber Train

See where the players stand in Jersey politics over the past week.

InsiderNJ’s 2020 African American Power List in Honor of Black History Month

Here is the InsiderNJ list this year, in honor of African American History Month, of some of New Jersey’s most prestigious political players.

Rice on Biden’s Win: the Revolution will not be Televised

Former Vice President Joe Biden staggered into South Carolina radiating a DOA vibe, which he shook off, first with a Namath-like guarantee, followed by a CNN-projected win tonight in South Carolina.

Biden Bounce Scrambles 2020 Algebra: Does Bloomberg Biden Tug of War Over the Middle Open a Left-Wing Win by Sanders?

With former Vice President Joe Biden’s impressive South Carolina resurgence, just 48 hours before Super Tuesday, New Jersey’s June 2 Democratic primary looms larger in the 2020 narrative.

Examining Fulop’s Partial 2021 Ticket Launch

“There were a lot of people,” Romano said, who is looking over his shoulder for a potential challenger for his seat on the freeholder board.

Tales from the (booze-free) Chamber Train

As the train pulled out of 30th St Station, InsiderNJ ran into Trenton mayor Reed Gusciora who was making the trip for the 20-something time.

Chamber Train, the Morning After

It looks like a very good breakfast, at least by hotel standards.

The NJ #ChamberTrain, the ride home

The past three years I boarded the #ChamberTrain ride back home with ambitious plans to interview everyone and get lots of video and tons of dishy, newsy prose. But what usually happens is I run into a friendly face and spend the whole ride home reconnecting.

Governor Deal-Maker?

Governor Phil Murphy began his 2021 Budget Address with an expression of thanks to everyone who sent well wishes for his upcoming kidney surgery. From there, he hopped onto the business at hand.

Breaking Down the Murphy FY2021 Budget Address

Phil Murphy made it sound pretty darn easy. “There is no better alternative than a millionaire’s tax,” the governor said in his budget address today.

Grateful Gov. Murphy: ‘I’m Not Going Anywhere’

“I’m not going anywhere,” roared the Governor, prior to robustly launching into the beginning of his speech.

Murphy Makes Case for Millionaire’s Tax, over $1 Billion Increase in Pension Spending

In his FY2021 budget address today, Governor Phil Murphy again as expected will make his case to the Legislature for their support for a millionaire’s tax, which they have already twice denied him. This time he may have some support, at least in one of the two houses of the legislature, and where it may be least expected.

Legislators, Leaders Respond To Governor’s FY2021 Budget Address

Responding to Governor Murphy’s FY2021 budget address, legislators and leaders offered their assessment of the Governor’s proposal.

Rice to Oppose a Budget that Lacks Marijuana Decrim

“Despite all that was said, I will not vote for any budget until we pass legislation to decriminalize marijuana.”

Bramnick Goes off on Murphy’s Budget Address: ‘None of this is Personal’

In his response to Governor Phil Murphy, Assembly Minority Leader Jon Bramnick (R-21) eviscerated the budget address as a tin-eared template for no property tax relief delivered to “people who believe government is the answer.”

Coughlin Coy on Murphy’s Budget Address

“The Assembly, I’m certain, will have additional ideas and priorities to discuss during the review process. We will continue to look for more government inefficiencies and cost savings, as we do each year. I remain cautious of increasing broad-based taxes.”

A Misplaced Sense of NJ Dem Establishment Sanders Agony

What we are seeing is a divide between some party leaders and the Democrats who are actually voting. That’s not unusual. Just four years ago at this time, the Republican establishment was in fear that a seemingly off-the-wall guy named Donald Trump would win the GOP nomination. Many are not going to admit that now.

Menendez Sounding Alarm Bell about Sanders’ NJ Impact

Menendez said “there’s no question” Sanders will “create a real challenge for down ballot candidates” if he’s the Democratic nominee.

Hamm Goes Toe-to-Toe with Menendez over Sanders Prez Candidacy

“Obviously if Senator Menendez is addressing this issue it is a concern for incumbents in those districts who would vote for [Republican President Donald J.] Trump,” Hamm told InsiderNJ. “Districts closer to purple.

Gottheimer Concerned about Sanders Burning ‘the House Down’

“I hope I’m wrong, but Bernie seems to have declared war on the Democratic Party,” Gottheimer told Politico. “To win in November, we need someone who will bring us together under a big tent and protect the Democratic majority in the House — not burn the house down.”

Dem Source: ‘The Elders Lost the Meaning of the Party’

It’s over, said a source in the Legislature, a Dem, when asked about the 2020 presidential election.

Is Van Drew a Genius for Bailing on THIS Democratic Party?

The source added with an exclamation point, on the heels of U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders’s blow-out Nevada victory, “Write off year. What an embarrassment.”

Pennacchio Sees a Bull Moose Future for Sanders-Mangled Dems

Pennacchio described the Democratic Party as unalert and lazy on its party and candidate building fronts, and as a consequence, subject to fracture.

Juliano Packs the Venetian with Bergen Democrats

Last night, over 1000 people packed into the Venetian in Garfield for Chairman Paul Juliano and the Bergen Democrat’s Victory Gala.

The Scutari Situation in Linden

Many arguments have surfaced over the years as to why New Jersey’s political tradition of “double-dipping” is not very good.

FDU Poll: Murphy Treads Water At The Halfway Mark

As Governor Murphy enters the second half of his tenure, his approval remains in the low to mid-40s, with a minority of Garden State residents unable to identify a single major legislative accomplishment.

Independent Candidate Weber Steps Forward in CD3

Martin Weber today announced his Independent candidacy to represent New Jersey’s Third Congressional District in Congress.

A Sweeney Ransom Note, or ‘Pirates of the Plebeian’

That wasn’t an olive branch Sweeney handed the governor; it was a ransom note: “Put one billion dollars in unmarked bills in a briefcase, deposit it in the pension fund and the millionaire’s tax will be released unharmed.”

Former Congressman MacArthur Backs Becchi in CD11

Former Congressman Tom MacArthur (NJ-3) today endorsed Rosemary Becchi’s Republican campaign to take back New Jersey’s 11th District Congressional seat

Booker Announces Senate Campaign Leadership Team

U.S. Senator Cory Booker today announced the first four members of his campaign leadership team.

Passaic Republicans Select Endorsed 2020 Primary Candidates

The Passaic County Regular Republican Organization, Inc. (PCRRO) selected the candidates for national and countywide offices permitted to use its slogan in the 2020 Republican primary election last night.

Garden State Equality Endorses Pete Buttigieg for President of the United States

Garden State Equality Action Fund, New Jersey’s largest LGBTQ advocacy organization, has officially endorsed Mayor Pete Buttigieg for President of the United States.

Byrne Backs Bloomberg for President

Today, former New Jersey Democratic State Committee Chairman Tom Byrne endorsed Democratic presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg.

GOP Efforts in Atlantic County Offer a Blueprint for Success

What Republicans learn and discuss during the annual Statewide Republican Leadership Summit can dictate our party’s success in the years ahead.

The Meeting Before the Meeting

One of the things they teach you in law school is to never ask a question in court or at a deposition that you don’t already know the answer to. The same goes for politics.

Which South Jersey Dem Congressional Hopeful Shines on Marijuana Reform? (and who’s *really* bad?)

Basically so far, the debate between rival camps has mostly centered around who’s an insider and who’s not. But let’s put personalities aside and talk policy, specifically marijuana policy.

Post-South Carolina: The African-American Vote and Biden’s Enhanced Path

The major message to be derived from Joe Biden’s South Carolina landslide victory is as follows: The African-American vote is overwhelmingly coalescing nationally behind Joe Biden, both in terms of numbers and depth of commitment.

Bernie Sanders is No Michael Harrington

This will shock many of my readers. Yes, there was indeed a time in my life when I flirted with socialism. And it was all due to a wonderful humanitarian with a big heart named Michael Harrington.

To My Many Wonderful Friends Who Support Bernie Sanders

Congratulations on your victory in Nevada. I continue to support Pete Buttigieg strongly. But I see you, I love you and I know the happiness that comes with primary victories for your candidate.

A View from The Middle… Media Bias

It seems to me that everyone is calling the media “biased” today. Traditionally, the most vocal critics of the media have come from the right. That is not without merit in many cases.

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