Murphy: 53 N.J. Hospitals to Receive $1.7 Billion from the Feds

Murphy in the Oval Office.

Governor Phil Murphy today announced that he received word from the feds that 395 hardest-COVID-19 hit hospitals would share $12 billion in funds; 53 of those hospitals in New Jersey would receive $1.7 billion directly.

New Jersey’s complement is the second largest amount of funding to hospitals after New York.

“I am incredibly satisfied to see this need fulfilled,” Murphy said. “It will ensure that our hospital system is healthy.”

Two days after he refturned from an Oval Office interview, the governor thanked President Donald J. Trump.

Murphy moved on to the COVID-19 numbers at hand.

He reported 2,912 positive COVID-19 test results, for a statewide total of 123,717.

“We continue to lose too many of our brothers and sisters,” said Murphy, who reported an additional state-processed 205 lives lost to COVID-19, bringing the statewide total to 7,742.

“New case numbers are starting to rise again, but we don’t have a full picture of the denominator,” he added.

The governor earlier this week issued an executive order opening state parks.

The reports will be a big determinant of compliance as it relates to social distancing,” Murphy said. “So far, so good. If we hear minimal reports of knucklehead reports, we will know you continue to take to heart… best practices.

“We cannot rush our restart,” the governor added. “Let’s keep doing this together.”

The goveror and Superintendent of the State Police Patrick Callahan today announced an Administrative Order declaring construction of new religious facilities or involving existing religious facilities to be essential construction projects.
These projects must abide by all conditions of Executive Order No. 122. The order will take effect immediately.
A copy of the Administrative Order can be found here.
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