NJGOP using Biden Speech to get Volunteers

New Jersey Republicans were paying close attention to Joe Biden’s anti “MAGA” speech last week in Philadelphia.

So much so they are now using it to attract volunteers.

An appeal the other day from the state Republican Committee put it thusly:

“As Biden and his enablers, Tom Malinowski, Andy Kim, Mikie Sherrill, Josh Gottheimer and all the other Democrats weaponize federal agencies, raise taxes on businesses and individuals and viciously attack 75 million Trump supporters on nationally televised speeches, the stakes have never been higher.”

It says that GOP candidates are working long hours, but that they need help. That’s where volunteers come in. They’re needed for such traditional political things as going door-to-door, making phone calls, attending events and poll watching.

Interestingly, the appeal mentions incumbent Democrats in four seemingly competitive congressional districts – 3,5,7 and 11.

As noted above, the Dems holding those seats in order of the district numbering are Kim, Gottheimer, Malinowski and Sherrill.

No where in the appeal are the names of the Republican congressional candidates mentioned, an odd oversight to be sure. They are – again in numerical order – Bob Healey, Frank Pallotta, Tom Kean Jr. and Paul DeGroot.

The only message to draw is that state Republicans think potential volunteers may be most energized to oppose Biden and Nancy Pelosi.

“Biden and Pelosi know they need to hold onto all their seats in New Jersey to keep their power, which means they will pull out all the stops. Collectively, we have the power to stop them, now we need the rubber to meet the roadway,” the message says.

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