Sources: Sires Poised for a Hudson County Comeback

Sires urges people to get vaccinated.

Albio Sires won’t be going away from Hudson County politics, according to multiple sources.

In fact, the sitting U.S. Representative slated to retire this year from Congress may return to his former, beloved job:

Mayor of West New York.

Sires served in that capacity from 1995 to 2006.

The sitting mayor, Gabe Rodriguez, was elected in 2019 and faces the voters again next year.

Newly elected West New York Mayor Gabe Rodriguez and other Hudson County Democrats were inaugurated, with local politicos and Governor Phil Murphy in attendance. Murphy called it a “day of renewal” for West New York.

But he may be one and done in that position, at least for the next term, if the 71-year old Sires is serious about a local comeback.

Sources say he’s serious, which would make Rodriguez a top contender for an assembly seat.

A source said he will, in fact, head to Trenton by giving up the mayor’s seat to Sires.

Hudson was abuzz Friday with chatter about the deal.

“If that’s what he chooses to do, I would support him,” North Bergen Mayor Nick Sacco told InsiderNJ.

Sires loved being mayor.

Never a policy wonk, he didn’t care for the mind games and semantical tugs of war in the cloakrooms of Congress.

Lately the former Republican’s rolled his eyes at the progressive wing of his party.

He felt good about President Joe Biden’s infrastructure bill, but was irritated by the left’s obstructionism during the process.

The overall procedure of congress never enticed or intrigued him.

The Hudson County stalwart instead thrilled to the office of mayor, and could see himself back there, sources say.

The former basketball star likes helping people and problem solving, not untangling bills and figuring out the national politics of left and right.

In the meantime, the Hudson County Democratic Organization (HCDO) is intent on ensuring the June 7th Primary win – in convincing fashion – of Sires’ successor, Rob Menendez, Jr.

Sires first set on his road to Congress in 2006, as the successor to Menendez Jr’s father, Bob Menendez, who gave up his congressional seat to become the United States Senator.

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2 responses to “Sources: Sires Poised for a Hudson County Comeback”

  1. This article is hysterical if it wasn’t so sad and tragic. So now Sires is bothered by politics… when he’s a politician?? He’s not a “policy wonk”, then what are you doing in Congress? Twiddling your fingers? Of course you have to understand policy, write policy and promote what the people are asking for – not just your donors! Wtf does that even mean? “Former Republican”? How about – he’s still a Cuban old-school conservative pretending to be a Democrat. If we want to talk about “obstruction”, how about the fact these fake democrats (DINOs) are obstructing progress by actual progressive democrats who know what 70% of the people want – things like a living wage, Medicare for All/Universal healthcare, money out of politics, a woman’s right to her bodily autonomy, LGBT rights, de-funding the disgustingly bloated military industrial complex budget, etc. etc. I can’t WAIT for the day when the Working Families Party wins their battle to finally get rid of the “county line” voter ballot design and facilitate a more democratic, less manipulative democratic process for New Jersey. Then maybe, MAYBE we’ll finally vote one office at a time, opening up the possibility for contenders that don’t have to kiss the ring at the top of the ticket. Wishful thinking.

    Why does Sacco’s opinion matter when everyone knows all of these politicians have to support each other if they’re all on the same county line? The way they just assume their positions and move and shift around like they’re entitled to the votes it takes to put them there… and the COUNTY LINE continues to create a process that perpetuates this nepotism and corruption! So sad.

    “Former basketball star” likes helping people? What people? His donors??

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