Young Democrats And Republicans Battle Over Menendez-Hugin

Young Democrats and Republicans engaged in a battle of dueling statements today over their party’s nominee for Senate: GOP candidate Bob Hugin and Democratic incumbent Senator Bob Menendez.

Earlier in the day, the NJ College Dems released a statement blasting Hugin for what they see as a lack of diversity in his campaign’s intern staff, based on a photo tweeted by the candidate last week.


Noting that the interns are all male and mostly Caucasian in the photo, NJ College Dems President Megan Coyne said, “it is clear from his campaign, his policies, and now his staffing choices that Bob Hugin does not grasp the wide range of issues that face New Jerseyans and does not care to learn,” said Megan Coyne, President of the New Jersey College Democrats. “It is shameful that Bob Hugin is trying to act as though he will be a champion for the women of New Jersey when he does not have a single female intern.  Bob Hugin can claim to be pro-choice all he wants, but it is evident by this photograph and his donations to anti-choice Republicans, including Donald Trump, that he cares little about protecting and advancing the rights of women.  Now that his sham ‘affordability tour’ has concluded, perhaps Bob Hugin can meet with New Jersey women and learn about the multitude of issues that face them, including health care access, paid family leave, equal pay, and sexual violence.”

Bergen Community College Republicans President Michael Casey fired back, taking focus on Senator Menendez’s top staff in response.

“In late April Senator Menendez announced his senior campaign staff.  What the College Democrats neglect to acknowledge is that 70% of his top advisors are men,” Casey said. “The Democrats are ignoring that the photo tweeted by Hugin shows that there is inclusion in his campaign because minorities understand that the Democrat’s agenda is making New Jersey less and less affordable.  Bob Hugin is sending a message of inclusion in New Jersey and some of his closest advisers, such as his campaign manager, are female.”

Casey blasted Menendez, saying “the College Democrats are once again trying to play on emotions and ignoring facts.  The fact is Menendez was admonished by a bipartisan committee because of his corrupt practices while abusing his office in order to help felon Salomon Melgen.  My counterparts are clearly trying to distract the voters from Menendez’s failures over the course of his lifetime career in politics.”

Meanwhile, NJ Young Federation Chair Giancarlo Ghione and Bergen County Young Republicans Chair Matthew Gilson took aim at Governor Murphy’s budget and what they see as it’s adverse effect on millennials, specifically with cost-of-living.

“There may be a point in the near future where New Jersey is simply unaffordable. The Democrats in New Jersey have shown their great pleasure in raising taxes to fund liberal programs while forgetting about the middle class,” said Ghione. “It was encouraging to see Republicans in Trenton stand united against these ridiculous tax increases. Hopefully voters will see this and respond by flipping the legislature in 2019 and 2021.”

Gilson said “it was encouraging to see Republicans in Trenton stand united against these ridiculous tax increases. Hopefully voters will see this and respond by flipping the legislature in 2019 and 2021.”

Atlantic County Young Republicans Chairman Brian Fitzherbert released a statement saying “Retirees leave for the Carolinas and Florida. Middle-class New Jerseyans leave for the Midwest. Millennials leave for anywhere that will provide a job to make an income, pay off student loans, save for a house, start a family, and prepare for their own retirement; because we millennials know Social Security will be bankrupt by the time we get there.” 

The AC Young Democrats fired back at Fitzherbert’s statement, saying ‘we get it though, keeping yourself and Senator Chris Brown relevant when you are playing second and third banana to the disgusting words and actions of Republican Congressional nominee Seth Grossman is really difficult. Is that really the wisest move for a failed candidate who was given a pet project, perhaps out of sympathy?’


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