CD2 Post AC Dems Convention Bar Notes…

They spilled out of the hotel that faces the sea where Amy Kennedy had just badly beaten Brigid Harrison and suddenly created momentum around her 2nd Congressional District (CD2) candidacy….“I cannot tell you how bad this is for GN3,” a source told InsiderNJ, referring to South Jersey uber-boss George Norcross III. “He will have to raise $1 million for the primary, $2 million for the general, for a seat that has zero patronage. The progressives are desperate to give GN3 a black eye. no chance in any individual county in the south.

AC Dems Convention Videos

Watch Insider NJ’s interviews from the AC Dems’ convention with Doug Browne and Craig Callaway:


Woloshen Joining Mehta Campaign


Veteran GOP operative Amanda Woloshen Glass is joining Rik Mehta’s Senate GOP primary campaign as campaign manager.

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