Insider NJ Key Must-Read Pieces: Week of the West New York Intensification


From West New York to Dover, from LD31 to LD39, from Hudson County to Morris County, here are the Insider NJ key must-read pieces from the past week:

Insider NJ’s 2023 Advance Publication (PDF)

In a way, the times proved no different from the past, as the rest of the world looked to America for direction, and found, not government institutions built on primary documents steeped in democracy – but a barbaric invitation to mob rule.

Senator Loretta Weinberg’s 2023 Women’s Power List (PDF)

Serving the people of New Jersey was the honor of a lifetime. One of my favorite parts of working in the Legislature for years was the opportunity to work with, advocate with, and befriend some of the smartest, savviest and most inspirational women in the Garden State.

Menendez Picks a Horse in the West New York Contest

U.S. Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ) tonight formally endorsed his old friend former U.S. Rep. Albio Sires (D-8) in the developing West New York contest.

Who will Prevail in West New York?

Hudson County thrives on the occasional political contest to assert and reassert power and will pack the most into a local collision in any of its towns as a statement of countywide chessboard authority.

Roque: ‘a… General Never Goes Back to Being an Enlisted Man’

And then there were three. Cosmo Cirillo. Albio Sires. And Felix Roque. Those three men want to be mayor of West New York. Two of them – Sires and Roque – have already occupied the local throne.

Roque Hopes Elvis Helps Restore Graceland to West New York

Running in West New York, former Mayor Felix Roque today unveiled his latest candidate for Commissioner: Elvis Alvarez.

The Sires Factor

“I’m back” – that’s what Congressman Albio Sires announced Tuesday afternoon in front of the West New York Public Library, introducing his slate of candidates for West New York commissioners.

Behind the Exhausting Ongoing Scenes of Guv 2025

Gubernatorial politics – and specifically the impact of that transactional spillzone between the two parties – continues to dominate the backrooms and barstools of a once glorious Garden State turned inexorably toxic.

Ciattarelli Moves and Grooves at Bucco Bash

As he maneuvered around the crowded bar, Jack Ciattarelli could only observe: “This is the best Republican party in the state.”

Who Should Succeed Senator Sandra Cunningham?

The expected retirement of state Senator Sandra Cunningham has created a political kerfuffle in LD31.

Hudson County Pulls Away from Contract with Remington and Vernick

The Hudson County Commissioners on Tuesday night killed a construction oversight contract with Remington and Vernick Engineers to manage a federally funded project on Kennedy Boulevard.

DeGise Pleads Guilty, Receives Fine, Suspended License

Jersey City Councilwoman Amy DeGise pled guilty to leaving the scene of an accident.

Amy DeGise and ‘The Foibles of Human Nature’

Minutes after Amy DeGise pleaded guilty Tuesday to striking a biker with her SUV and leaving the scene without stopping, her lawyer, Brian Neary, tried to explain what DeGise did not explain in court.

The Tiffs of Dover

Dover could prove interesting this year.

Convinced he and Blackman can Unite, Correa says Dodd Cannot Return

Don’t overhype the Dover saga of Mayor Carolyn Blackman and Alderman Edward Correa, the latter told InsiderNJ this morning.

The Possibilities of Selen v. DeGroot II

Friends say Tayfun Selen doesn’t normally get mad at people and is not the type to hold a grudge.

The Season of Somma

He has announced his candidacy for Morris County Commissioner, saying Republicans need to do more – now.

Progressives’ Pushback May Benefit Murphy

In assessing the level of success achieved by a governor’s eight years in office, it’s been said: “The first term is all about winning re-election; the second term is all about crafting a legacy.”

Sherrill Throws SALT in McCarthy’s Wounds

For years – and years, it seems – Democrats have been trying to get the so-called SALT cap eliminated.

The Rizzo Rift

There probably has never been so much fighting over a bill of $1,500.

Scutari and Coughlin Counter Litigation Restraining Firearms Carry Bill

Attorneys on Wednesday filed a Motion to Intervene in the litigation temporarily restraining significant portions of the firearms carry bill on behalf of the Senate President and Speaker.

The Death of a Newspaper Icon

The loss of the Hudson Reporter this week was more symbolic than a reality.

Schepisi, Auth & DeFuccio Announce Re-Election Campaign

State Senator Holly Schepisi, Assemblyman Bob Auth and Assemblywoman DeAnne DeFuccio are proud to announce their campaign for reelection to the New Jersey Legislature from the 39th Legislative District.

Every Peasant Needs an iPhone

It’s a bit dystopian to contemplate. What are we to make of a world where we are increasingly reliant on the latest technology, but our socioeconomics have come to resemble something more Medieval where our planet is increasingly dominated by a relatively small coterie of extraordinarily wealthy individuals?

All Outward Signs Point to a Prosecution of Trump and his Cohorts

During the past weeks, I have heard disappointment with and criticism of the Biden Administration by citizens and pundits because of a concern that Joe Biden’s possession of classified documents undermines a powerful case against Donald Trump for the classified documents he maintained in Mar-a-Lago and refused to give back. A classified documents prosecution is further compromised because former Vice President Mike Pence has recently found and turned over classified documents that were still in his possession.

Of Cookies and Cars: Running the Border Squeeze Play

It’s a tough fact of life but ignoring it won’t change it whereas confronting head on just might. Unions continue to be at a distinct disadvantage in a system where corporations use the legal system and their vast wealth to violate labor law with impunity.

Trump and Lt. Colonel L.B. Hillsinger – A Contrast in Courage

A lot has been said about former President Trump. There are the endless screeds by those for and against – the hyperbole, the tag lines, and the eye candy headlines. There is also the reality of the Trump University fraud, the injectable bleach as a COVID cure, the Insurrection, support for some of the worst Senatorial candidates known to humankind, QAnon’s embrace of Trump, Trump’s embrace of a holocaust denier, and now – the digital trading card grift.

Cain is not Able

There is no misspelling here. The article’s title is a play on words that alludes not to what Cain did to Abel, but rather to why he did it.

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