Insider NJ’s Morning Intelligence Briefing: 12/8/2023

Insider NJ's Morning Intelligence Briefing

Below is Insider NJ’s Morning Intelligence Briefing:


QUOTE OF THE DAY: What bothers me is if there’s 12 kids sitting on the street corner and six are drinking beer and six are smoking marijuana, the second a police officer rolls up, the six kids drinking a beer are going to get a summons and a fine and the six kids smoking the joint are going to be told to go home. What the hell are we doing?” – Senate Minority Leader Bucco on legislation to create new penalties for underage alcohol possession


TOP STORY: The Trenton Just a Few Blocks from the Gold Dome


Insider NJ's Morning Intelligence Briefing


A new study tells us how rich the state is, according to the Bergen Record.


The state extended Medicaid palliative care for the poor and elderly, according to NJ Spotlight.


The MTA is proceeding with congestion pricing, as the state’s lawsuit awaits, according to NJ Spotlight.


The state is seeing a major spike in gun permits amid the Middle East war, according to the Asbury Park Press.


Women’s groups and elected leaders condemned acts of rape as a weapon of war by Hamas.


MWW will pay $2M to resolve claims of improper Paycheck Protection Program filing, according to NJ Biz.


ICYMI: RWJ, nurses reached tentative deal; NJ delegation helped expel Santos; Murphy reiterates agreement to sunset CBT; Murphy, DEP announced adoption of Clean Cars II; residents unaware/undecided about Murphy, Kim Senate candidacies; Dems held onto majorities


Insider NJ's Morning Intelligence Briefing


Assemblyman Conaway entered the US Senate Democratic Senate primary, joining First Lady Tammy Murphy and Rep. Kim in the battle for the seat currently held by embattled Senator Menendez, according to NJ Globe.


ICYMI: Testa chided Tammy Murphy; Fulop can’t separate Menendez from father, Menendez punched back; Senate proxy war likely; Dem leaders coalescing around Tammy Murphy; Schaffer lays out Murphy support; Tammy Murphy launches Senate candidacy; in CD9, the crux amid war; Republicans huddle in AC; Senate pressing question


Insider NJ's Morning Intelligence Briefing


The AG is reviewing Gurbir Grewal’s handling of the Menendez allegations, according to NJ Spotlight.


The Senate Judiciary Committee approved 11 new judges, according to NJ Monitor.


Lawmakers are seeking more voting machine protections and more flexible primaries, according to the Bergen Record.


ICYMI: Groups rallied at the Statehouse against CBT sunset; CBT debate heating up; Murphy took action on bills; Blum will serve as Collazos Gill COS; Scutari reaffirmed as Senate Pez; Bucco reaffirmed as Minority Leader; Coughlin reaffirmed as Speaker; DiMaio reaffirmed as Minority Leader


Insider NJ's Morning Intelligence Briefing


Compliance Corner: Year-End New Jersey Political-Law Checklist


Rep. Sherrill gives an exclusive interview to Julie Briggs.


Heavyweights Leonard Lance and Ray Lesniak go head-to-head on the Julie Briggs Show.


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Insider NJ's Morning Intelligence Briefing


In Paterson, a grand jury criminally charged a police officer.


In Asbury Park, a new city manager was named by the mayor and council.


In Atlantic City, the ACMUA will hold a town hall on landfill odor concerns, according to the Press of Atlantic City.


In Bridgewater, a developer suing the town proposed warehouses on Route 22, according to MyCentralJersey.


In Far Hills, the harassment trial of a councilman-elect was postponed, according to NJ Hills.


In Hoboken, the council voted down changes to the tree maintenance ordinance, according to Hudson County View.


In Longport, professional appointments were made, according to Downbeach.


In Paterson, a new anti-tax BOE trustee faces a tax lien, according to Paterson Press.


In Seaside Heights, the town is considering closing a school and merging with Toms River, according to the Asbury Park Press.


In Teaneck, former Senator Weinberg was honored by the town Democrats, according to the Bergen Record.


In Wayne, cops were sued for negligence, according to


In Wildwood Crest, additional time is needed for pool renovations, according to the Press of Atlantic City.


ICYMI: In Trenton, disconnect between Statehouse and city; in Old Bridge, the BOE voted to ‘acknowledge’ support for transgender policy; in JC, O’Dea kicked off candidacy, McGreevey launched candidacy as mayoral battle begins, could lead to HCDO war; in Parsippany, Hernandez appears headed to win; in Clark, mayor charged; in Bayonne, city grappling w/ gentrification



Insider NJ columnist Carl Golden writes ‘It’s Hold ‘Em Or Fold ‘Em Time For Christie


Insider NJ columnist Jay Lassiter writes ‘An Apology to Casino Workers (and patrons) we Harmed


Insider NJ legal analyst Joe Hayden writes ‘Which Criminal Case Poses the Most Political Danger to Donald Trump?


Insider NJ columnist Alan Joel Steinberg writes ‘Kissinger at 100: His Complex Historical Legacy. May He Rest in Peace


Insider NJ columnist Anjali Mehrotra writes ‘Lose the Double Standard




‘I saw the blip’: Long Branch radar operator’s Pearl Harbor warning was ignored

Jerry Carino, Asbury Park Press


  • On the morning of Dec. 7, 1941, George Elliott Jr. was a 23-year-old Army private learning how to master state-of-the-art radar equipment in Hawaii. He and fellow private Joseph Lockard were supposed to close the station at 7 a.m. sharp — the newfangled technology was only being used on a limited basis at the time — but they lingered a bit longer to familiarize themselves with the system. “It was then that I saw the blip,” Elliott, a longtime Long Branch resident, told the Asbury Park Press in 1970, “and didn’t know what to make of it.”


Strong value: N.J. group feels 2-day pitch to Hollywood studios went well

Tom Bergeron,


  • They talked about how the state has great spots for both urban and suburban shots — not to mention the Shore and the Pine Barrens. They talked about the tax credits, which may be bigger (and last longer) than any other state. And they discussed the multitude of brick-and-mortar studios that are in the works.


Two NJ towns named ‘most Christmassy’ towns in the U.S.

Jen Ursillo, NJ1015


  • Where in the U.S. can you find the strongest Christmas vibes? Photo book brand, Mixbook polled 3,000 families to craft a list of the 75 most “Christmassy” towns in the country, and two New Jersey towns made the list.


Angry at the Manhattan congestion pricing toll? You’ll get a chance to tell the MTA that

James M. O’Neill,


  • Angry about having to pay an extra $15 to enter Manhattan below 60th Street? Do you support the city’s congestion pricing toll designed to reduce Manhattan traffic, improve air quality and raise $1 billion a year for the MTA? The public will get its chance to weigh in on the plan approved Wednesday by the MTA board.


Four female members of New Jersey State Police file lawsuit, allege gender discrimination

Jenna Calderón, Asbury Park Press


  • Four long-time female police officers with the New Jersey State Police are suing the department and leading officials, claiming they have been discriminated against because of their gender, according to the suit.


Five North Jersey school districts propose ballot questions for Dec. 12 special election

David M. Zimmer,


  • Five North Jersey school boards are seeking voter support and taxpayer funding for construction projects ahead of a Dec. 12 special election. Three elections are set for Morris County, with the other two coming in Passaic and Bergen counties. Each is requesting permission to bond for multi-million construction projects that mainly seek to renovate existing and aging facilities.


Spadea focusing on empowering young voters in New Jersey

Bill Spadea, NJ1015


  • The common sense tour didn’t stop at Election Day in 2023. Actually, we’re stepping it up. One of the great things about the Garden State is that with odd-year legislative and gubernatorial elections, there’s a significant election every year. So the countdown for 2024 is on. The presidential election season is in full swing with the Iowa Caucuses coming up fast on Jan. 15, just five weeks away. That event will be followed by the New Hampshire primary, essentially the best and perhaps last opportunity for the non-Trump field to make a stand and separate from the crowd.


Megyn Kelly confronts Christie with his unpopularity at GOP debate

Matt Rooney, Save Jersey


  • I didn’t bother watching Wednesday’s GOP presidential debate, Save Jerseyans. Would you watch a race when the gold medal was already awarded in another heat? Of course not! Boring. But Trump’s absence notwithstanding, it appears Chris Christie aka Fatty McThunderbiscuits had another exceptionally rough night. Specifically, moderator Megyn Kelly decided to confront Christie over the futility of his second quixotic presidential quest, and she contrasted Trump’s great polling with Christie’s own abysmal numbers to make her point.


In Newark bribery case, ex-Hoboken Assemblyman Garcia gets 4th continuance of ’23

John Heinis, Hudson County View


  • In his Newark bribery case being prosecuted by the U.S. Attorney’s Office, former Hoboken Assemblyman Carmelo Garcia has been granted his fourth continuance of 2023.


Trenton scandals keep rolling in and deserve even further scrutiny

LA Parker, The Trentonian


  • During his final days, Chopper, our family cat, experienced a deterioration of bodily and emotional functions — he would pee right in front of us. Love allows for such behaviors, even when exhibited by aging felines and relatives. However, these feelings and allowances do not extend to Trenton politicians and employees awash in corruption.


Michael Riley, Asbury Park Press columnist loved for insight, irreverent humor, dies at 65

Michael L. Diamond, Asbury Park Press


  • Michael Riley, a columnist and editorial writer for the Asbury Park Press who wrote about virtue and vice through his lens as a pastor, died on Monday of heart failure. He was 65. Riley built a legion of fans with a humorous, accessible writing style, using lessons from the Bible, literature and popular culture, to explain the joys and pains of every day life.
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27 responses to “Insider NJ’s Morning Intelligence Briefing: 12/8/2023”

  1. Murphy celebrates “a full week of declining numbers” then says “status quo of lockdown will remain until new cases and fatalities decrease.” So, which of Murphy’s statements is accurate? He said 2 opposite things in a single paragraph of speaking.

    • He;s “vacationing” at his villa in Italy, while Covid surges and the state is paralyzed by “remote work”…………translation: NO WORK

  2. That is what happens in practicality when they are “suspending their disbelief” (HR Clinton) in real numbers and going on predictive models to make decisions. And then after doing that, they vote with “feelings.”

    • lmao imagine supporting lockdowns after the largest mass death event in american history and calling that a feeling driven conclusion? maga chuds never fail to disappoint

  3. What I — and most of the women I know who are passionate about cosmetics —like about make up isn’t that the right gloss can make your lips poutier or that false lashes can make your eyes more doe-like. Rather, it’s how women can communicate messages and express ourselves through makeup. Certainly it’s not our single factor of communication, but it’s one of many forms of expression that allow us to showcase our individual styles.

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  6. lETS NOT FORGET that during the pandemic Donald Trump sent the MERCY, a fully equipped, COVID prepared Hospital ship to save lives of victims and healthcare workers . But Murphy in his wisdom would rather send Patients back to nursing homes that were ill-equipped to treat these patients so they could die , rather than utilize a life-saving gift and be like NY governor Cuomo, another anti-Trump

  7. Gun owners don’t have to talk about guns because they know that they have to come out and vote to protect their constitutional right to bear arms. The Supreme court decision has affirmed that right and somehow our “leaders” haven’t learned how to read.

  8. NJ is one of the most corrupt and racist places to live. There’s “0” accountability for the criminal acts, corruption, and unfair treatment of the people of this state. It starts with our governor who cares less for truth and honesty. Continue to ruin the lives of the citizens of this state.

  9. How about those unintended consequences.
    New Jersey mandating that all cars being sold by 2035 be electric is telling us what we can or cannot buy with our own money. There will always be gasoline powered vehicles because of the power produced by internal combustion compared to the power produced by batteries; which is to say the more power the bigger the battery to the point of rediculousness. My thought is that if the state wants fewer gas powered vehicles on the road it should create a mass transit electric powered system that would emphasize convenience for commuters and everyday shoppers. Of course that would mean vehicles weighing tons more because of the size of batteries and that creates a whole other question of where to dispose of them (also for elelectric car batteries), since they are composed of highly toxic materials that can’t be burnt or buried. These are unintended consequences no- one is willing to grapple with until its too late. I think by 2035 th he electric car fantasy will go the same way the offshore wind farm has gone.

    Stephen Brickman
    206 Stonehenge Dr
    Phillipsburg,NJ 08865

    Sent from my iPhone

  10. The military serving in the Middle East represents every state in the Union. Those are our sons and daughters, Moms and Dads and yet we are very little to protect them, or REALLY retaliate when they’re attacked. Governor Murphy is the Chairman of the Democratic Governors Association, and past chair of the National Governors Association and yet you never hear him mention about any requests either organization makes to Biden to be more aggressive about protecting our kids in harms way. It’s as though it doesn’t seem to matter to them. No wonder we look so weak to the rest of the world.

  11. Teaneck property taxes pays for the school budget. Teaneck High School students walk out. Is a Hamas military shuffle march property tax bill included?

  12. I’m a conservative and I do believe life begins at conception but the problem is that each mother is responsible for that life and it is in the realm of her mental and physical health that she will either bring it to term or abort it. This should not be a political decision and should not be be dictated by thousand of strangers. The Supreme Court turned it over to the states but it still remains personal for the mother and her family.
    I don’t think it should be an “agenda item” for any political party. A state medical society may want to impose a time frame within which an abortion can occur but even that may be subject to the mother’s doctor’s discretion.
    I say just quit discussing it and leave it up to the mother a father.

  13. Voting should be based on understanding what’s actually happening and knowing who would make life safer and more livable. The only way to do that is to get both sides of the information remembering there are always two sides to a story. Mainstream media in my area includes the Star Ledger and the Easton Express. If you look at the bylines of the opinions you will find writers from the Washington Post and Bloomberg, both notoriously on the left. Even the political cartoons are a dead giveaway. CNN and CNBC are also left leaning. So what are the options for getting opinions and news from the right? Fortunately cable news has Fox, which is near center, and Newsmax, and NewsNation which are full right. Watching these even just occasionally will show a much broader picture and give the reader more information with which to make an informed voting decision. And remember you DONT have to vote party if you feel there’s a wiser choice.

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